A Little Lifetime Foundation (formerly ISANDS)

Last updated March 28, 2019.

About Listing

A Little Lifetime Foundation (formerly ISANDS) is a voluntary organisation, founded in 1983 by a group of bereaved parents whose babies died before or at birth (stillbirth) or some time after birth (neonatal death). Their website offers support and information not only for families facing or coping with this tragedy but also for anyone who comes in contact with these families. They produce and distribute a booklet called A Little Lifetime to all maternity hospitals and units in the Republic of Ireland. It can be particularly helpful to talk to someone else who has had a baby who has died. You can do so by contacting ISANDS Support Team. All the members of the Support Team are trained and are parents who themselves have had a baby who died. They can be reached from any location in the country by leaving a message on the ISANDS Support phone line. Parent Support Meetings are also organised. These are informal meetings where parents can talk to each other, facilitated by a trained member of the Support Team.

Contact information

Website http://www.alittlelifetime.ie
Email info@alittlelifetime.ie
Phone 018829030
Address Multiple addresses: see organisation's website for details