ABC Grief (Adults Bereaved as Children)

Last updated January 24, 2023.

About Listing

ABC Grief strives to build a central resource for Adults Bereaved as Children.

ABC Grief focuses on the nuances and complexity of unresolved childhood grief that is experienced by adults and the challenges that accompany this. If this grief is not understood or processed it can cause difficulty in daily life and the information throughout may help bridge some of the gaps.

Resources include; 

  • A library of books related to early life loss, trauma, grief and healing. 
  • Details of our favourite podcasts. 
  • Signposting service to other support and events. 
  • A therapist directory for those who specifically work with Adults Bereaved as Children. 
  • Blog posts on topics related to the long term impact of unresolved childhood grief and general information. 

Contact information

Phone 020795120727061
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