Kids Cancer Charity (Swansea)

Last updated November 5, 2020.

About Listing

Kids Cancer charity pride themselves in offering care on an individual level. Their primary focus is always on issues that relate to the quality of life for the children and their families.  They offer both family support and individual support and can provide a listening ear at the end of the telephone, a response to an email, a face-to-face meeting.

The Support Groups offer families, children and teenagers to come together in a relaxed atmosphere, talk, listen and share their own memories. It can feel as though your own family and friends no longer want to hear you talk about the person who died. You can feel as though you are burdening them, as though because time has passed you should ‘be ok now’. Being with others who have been through a similar experience can offer reassurance and support.

They can provide support by being the voice at the other end of the telephone, responding to an email or, if you live in South Wales, through a face-to-face meeting. They will support you as a family or as individuals.

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Phone 01792480500
Address 62 Walter Road, Swansea, SA1 4PT

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