Leukaemia CARE (Worcester)

Last updated January 21, 2021.

About Listing

Leukaemia CARE exists to provide vital care and support to all whose lives have been affected by leukaemia, Hodgkin, non-Hodgkin and other lymphomas, myeloma, myelodysplasia, myeloproliferative disorders and aplastic anaemia. Their work extends to the welfare of families and carers, as well as that of patients themselves.  They offer a range services, including: information booklets, one to one buddy support, an on-line forum, support via WhatsApp (07500068065), patient and carer conferences and in some cases, financial assistance.  Freephone Helpline 08088 010 444.

Contact information

Website http://www.leukaemiacare.org.uk
Email support@leukaemiacare.org.uk
Phone 08088010444
Phone 01905755977
Address One Birch Court, Blackpole East, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR3 8SG

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