The Gaddum Centre (Manchester) (Salford)

Last updated November 26, 2020.

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The Gaddum Centre offers two bereavement services: Children’s Bereavement Counselling. They work with individuals in Manchester and Salford following a bereavement. Initially it has to be a young person who is referred. Once that referral has been accepted, they can also provide support to the adults who are caring for the young person, as they have often also been bereaved. They provide a separate worker for adults. Palliative Care Counselling. Specialist counselling for children and families in Manchester, Salford and Stockport, who feel they need some extra support because a child has a life limiting condition, or at any time after a child has died from such an illness. The service is available for the child the whole family or any member of the family, their carers or friends.

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Phone 01618346069
Address Gaddum House, 6 Great Jackson Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M15 4AX

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