The Loss Foundation

Last updated March 27, 2019.

About Listing

The Loss Foundation is a registered charity providing support to people who have lost loved ones to cancer; spouses, family members, friends. We hold three support group sessions a month in London, and one a month in Oxford. We currently meet every first Wednesday of the month in our East London venue, every second Tuesday of the month in our South London venue, and every third Monday of the month in our North London venue. We meet every second Monday of the month in our Oxford venue. We also run bereavement retreats throughout the year, which provide a mixture of supportive activities, including group chats, one-to-one time with psychologists, country walks, meditation, arts and crafts, and delicious meals.

And we are really excited to share that in October 2018 we will be launching a new type of support group in London. Rather than being a drop-in support group we will be hosting therapy groups that people can sign up to, which will provide support, education, and guidance with the same group of people for a 9-week period. If someone is struggling with difficult memories, anxiety, troubled sleep, low mood, lack of motivation, isolation, and more, these groups are for them. They will help people learn more about loss and how to cope with all that arises from it, as well as help them make stronger connections with others in a similar situation. These will be therapeutic, social and free of charge.

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